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Pinkpolka Wedding Invitations - Purple

With a graphic design background I can definitely say that I LOVE invitations! I am obsessed with the paper, the ribbon, the fonts, everything that goes into making a wonderful invite. It is the first thing your guest receive with details about your wedding and also the first thing that gives them a little insight into a theme or color associated with your wedding. It is a fun way to add a little personal touch.

These gorgeous invites I am featuring are from a wonderful local business called Pinkpolka Wedding Design. They create amazing invitations but also go above and beyond by offering the whole wedding stationary design. I have included some of my favourite invitations as well as a few other fun items, such as their custom banners, dance floor decals and candle screens.

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Edmonton Wedding - Pinkpolka Wedding Program

Edmonton Wedding - Pinkpolka Wedding Invitations

Edmonton Wedding - PinkPolka Invitations - Fabric Save The Dates

Edmonton Wedding - Pinkpolka Guest Book

Edmonton Wedding - Pinkpolka Dance Floor Decal

Edmonton Wedding - Pinkpolka Candle Screen

Edmonton Wedding - Pinkpolka Banners

Edmonton Wedding - Pinkpolka Wedding Invitations - Dots

Hope Edmonton Weddings & Pinkpolka Wedding Design have inspired you!

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