Edmonton Wedding – Bridal Show Preparation

7 Ways To Prepare For A Bridal ShowAre you attending Bridal Fantasy this weekend? Bridal shows can be a little overwhelming. You can walk out of there loving a bunch of things but unable to remember which booth it came from or having sore hands from all the prizes you entered. To prepare you for your upcoming Bridal Show I have put together a list of things to do to be ready for your day of excitement and celebration of your upcoming wedding.

1. GO WITH SOMEONE – This is a fun chance to share your wedding planning with your mom, mother in law or bridal party. A fun way to spend the day dreaming about your wedding while also making contacts with companies that can help make your special day fall perfectly into place.

2. MAKE A LIST – Before you go make a list of what you need to finish off your wedding planning. Also think about the type of wedding you are looking for so when you get there you can find vendors that match your theme, style & personality. For the most part you will be working with these vendors for a while to put together certain aspects of your wedding. Ensuring you like the style and people you are dealing with will make it a more enjoyable planning process.

3. MAKE LABELS! – This may seem funny but when you get there and are entering a bunch of draws booth after booth your hands can get a little sore. Before hand create labels that show your name, fiancés name, wedding date, email address & phone number. When you come to a booth with a draw you want to enter it will be so easy and fast to enter. No searching for a pen, standing with all the other brides and writing the same details over and over again. It’s as easy as peel and stick!

4. TOTE BAG – Some shows supply you with a tote bag but do you really want to chance them not and you are stuck carrying everything? Pack an extra tote bag to collect samples, cards & brochures of potential vendors along the way.

5. SPECIAL ENVELOPE (8×10) – This is only for your absolute favourite businesses. Any company you love and want to work with needs to go into this special envelope. There is nothing worse than having a company you love get lost among all the other cards and not remembering which name it was.

6. MONEY – You never know what you will find at bridal shows so you want to be prepared. You might run into that perfect bridal jewellery you have been looking for or want to try out lash extensions for the big day. It’s nice to just pay for what you want and continue on your way rather than having to leave the show to find the nearest ATM.

7. HAVE FUN!! – This is a fabulous fun time so make sure to enjoy it! Bring your bridal party in matching outfits, wear a bride sticker, sashes, anything. This is your special day and the planning can be a lot so make sure to take the time for fun along the way.

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