Edmonton Wedding: Wedding Budget Calculator

Wedding Budget CalculatorCongratulations on your Engagement!

Planning a wedding can be so much fun but at the same time very overwhelming so it is important to start on the right foot and really figure out how you want to spend your money.

Deciding the type of wedding you want should be your first step, how many people, open bar, elaborate vs. simple, etc. Once that is decided then you need to figure out a budget, a number that you are willing to spend on your wedding and match the type of wedding you want to through.

Being a wedding planner I see regularly how much things cost and how quickly the totals add up. However since you are newly engaged you might not know what a wedding can end up costing and by starting with a budget spreadsheet you can really keep those costs in check.

I’ve included my Wedding Budget Calculator for you to use since the ones I have found on the web have aren’t that user friendly. I like to work with it in excel because you really have complete control over your budget. If there is something that you don’t plan on using at your wedding then take the estimated total for that item and move it into another category. For example if you are looking at having your aunt make your wedding cake for free then that 2% Bakery Budget can be moved into your Dress Budget giving you 2% more to spend on the dress.

At the top of the spreadsheet is “Your Total Wedding Budget” highlighted in yellow. Simply put in your budget, I have $10,000 just to show how it looks and it will automatically calculate each category based on the percentage assigned. I also like to highlight which categories are under budget with green and which ones are above budget with red. If I see any red on my page then I know I am over budget and that money needs to be pulled from somewhere else to put me back on budget.

Hope this helps you plan your big day! I would love to know your thoughts on the calculator or if you have any questions.


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