Fabulous Edmonton Wedding & Events Industry

Edmonton Wedding Planner - Fresh Look Event ManagementI have always known that there is some serious talent in Edmonton but it hasn’t been until recently that this talent has really emerged and started to bloom in the wedding & event industry. Planners, Florists, DJ’s, Caterer’s and the list goes on have really started to embrace their creative side and make their business stand out in unique ways.

I was lucky today to be able to meet with two different businesses and was so inspired by their creativity, drive and passion towards their business. It really refreshes my love for what I do, for planning events, for being given creative freedom and my love for working with amazing people.

The result of Edmonton’s event industry blooming? More gorgeous events, more events that really inspire you, more events that really think about the guests and how they will react when they walk into a room. More events that are all about you! When you look at hiring a company for your next event look for the spark. That passion and drive, because that’s the company that will inspire you and your guests and make everyone go wow. The result will be more than you could have ever wished for.

Have a fabulous day!
Jennifer Kinal
Fresh Look Event Management

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