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The wedding industry has changed dramatically over the years and DRAMATIC is the perfect word to showcase what today’s blog is all about. Think of what a head table looks like… they are generally the same at every wedding. A long table at the front of the room with twinkle lights, swagged fabric, vases for the bouquets and the happy couple in the middle. That isn’t very dramatic really, it is the expected head table at any wedding.

But in today’s wedding world that expected head table is not enough. There are themes to consider, alternate layouts, couches instead of chairs, lighting, draping and the use of panels. There are so many options a bride could go with to create more than that perfect wedding they have been dreaming of.

Here are some of my favourite, creative, over the top and unique head tables.

Wedding Head Table - Edmonton Wedding Blog http://www.pinterest.com[/caption%5D

There are so many details that make this amazing! The lighting, draping, the scrolling couch with matching pillows and of course the stunning arch! Yes I know what you are thinking… where do the bride and groom eat? And where does the wedding party sit? This set up is all about the bride and groom, sorry bridal party. As for food an elegant table could be brought in for the meal portion and then removed. It is really a dramatic modern twist on the chairs for the king and queen.

Wedding Head Table Decor - Love this framed wedding stage http://www.pinterest.com[/caption%5D

Picture Perfect Wedding Stage Design!
This is the cutest and so romantic. Can you just imagine the photos afterwards?

Wedding Head Table Decor - For the love of flowers http://www.LilySteinPhotography.com[/caption%5D

For The Love Of Flowers
I LOVE flowers! They are beautiful, colourful, smell amazing and remind me of the garden.
This head table is a show stopper and is made of over 1,000 fresh roses.

Wedding Head Table, white with mirrored top and lots of stunning flowers http://www.fosdecor.com[/caption%5D

This is a little closer to what the classic head table looks like but they have used some details I  wanted to point out that really make this set up gorgeous. If you will notice they are using candelabras on the head table to bring a little height. This little addition doesn’t have to be expensive you just have to do your homework and search a little. Next is the mirrored table top. This is a little harder to come by since it is exactly the perfect size for the tables but it really expands the room. Finally the flowers!! The head table has a lot of flowers which is expected but check out the square table in front. It looks like it has a lot on it but it is more candles than flowers and with the mirrored table it makes it look like it has way more flowers on it then actually is there.

Wedding Head Table - Love the full floral centrepieces http://www.colincowieweddings.com[/caption%5D

The chair covers are wonderful but what I like most about this photo is the variety of heights that the flowers and candles create. There is such depth in this table that it will have your guests going wow all night.

Wedding Head Table - Use a vintage door for your background http://www.stylemepretty.com[/caption%5D

I like the idea of using found items for your backdrop like this vintage door. You could replicate this idea with having some vintage doors as your entrance to the venue & photo booth. The added touch on the rosettes are really pretty.

Wedding Head Table - make use of hanging things. http://munaluchibridal.com/%5B/caption%5D

If you have a room that has high ceilings take advantage of that! Hang something over the head table to create height. A good florist and wedding decorator would be all over creating something like this if they are really passionate about creating unique decor & style. PS even if you don’t have high ceilings consider hanging it behind the head table. It will still create that interest, just make sure you still leave room to walk behind the head table. It wouldn’t be good to everyone bumping their heads on it.

Wedding Head Table - Bringing the outdoors into your indoor wedding http://strawberrymilkevents.blogspot.ca[/caption%5D

Nobody says your wedding has to be all frilly and pink to be pretty.
This outdoor oasis was brought inside is is more than pretty… It is jaw dropping!
I can guarantee that not one guest will ever expect this and not one guest will not go home talking about how elaborate and amazing your head table was.
This head table is set up in the middle of the room but you could always create this to face the room.

Wedding Head Table - Place a garden above http://www.pinterest.com[/caption%5D

Didn’t think I could top the last one? Well imagine this over top of your head table!
A magical forest just hanging over you. It really is the fairy tale ending to your perfect day.

Hope you enjoyed my over the top head table ideas!! 
PS I would LOVE to recreate any of these so Brides let’s chat 😉

Have a wonderful day!!
Jennifer Kinal
Owner & Wedding Planner for Fresh Look Event Management

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