Tiffany Blue Wedding Ideas

I love when brides use tiffany blue for their wedding. It is such a pretty colour and looks wonderful with corals, whites, silver and anything with a little sparkle. Here are some gorgeous tiffany blue wedding ideas to inspire your wedding.

Tiffany Blue Wedding Ideas - I Do Crystal Shoes[/caption%5D

Tiffany Blue Wedding Shoes that really say I DO!

I found this picture on pinterest but you could easily recreate this by going to michaels and buying rhinestone scrapbooking stickers. I like how they used a ring instead of a O.

Tiffany Blue Wedding Ideas - Petit Fours[/caption%5D

Tiffany Blue Wedding Petit Fours

(I had them at my wedding)
These would be so pretty displayed on a dessert table or use them as your wedding favors wrapped up in a pretty box. I found pretty two tiered mini wedding cakes that I put into little silver boxes tied with a silver ribbon. I absolutely adored them!

Tiffany Blue Wedding Ideas - Tiffany Blue Ring Pillow[/caption%5D

Tiffany Blue Wedding Rings Pillow

Such an easy way to add a little more tiffany into your wedding. By using a regular pillow and tying a ribbon to it you will forever be able to include this pillow in your home decor. Perfect accent pillow for you bed from your special day.

Tiffany Blue Wedding Dessert Table[/caption%5D

Tiffany Blue Wedding Dessert Table

This was way too eye catching to not share with you. This is a great mix of tiffany blue with a fun zebra pattern. I realize zebra is not the everyone’s cup of tea but replace that pattern with chevron, damask or polka dots.

Tiffany Blue Wedding - LOVE these feathered chairs[/caption%5D

Tiffany Blue Feathered Chairs

How gorgeous is this table? It is like a white wedding cake with all this beautiful tiffany blue, pink and silver detailing.

Tiffany Blue Wedding Bridal Party with Bright Pink Bouquets[/caption%5D

Tiffany Blue Bridal Party

Like I said above tiffany blue looks amazing with many colours one being the vibrant pink bouquets shown above.

Tiffany Blue Wedding Cake - Gorgeous[/caption%5D

Tiffany Blue Wedding Cake

Gorgeous wedding cake! Love the roses, pearls and lacey top layer.

Tiffany Blue Wedding Favors[/caption%5D

Tiffany Blue Wedding Favors

*Sigh* I am a sucker for gorgeous wedding favors and boxes. I love the detailing that goes into such tiny packaging that waits for every guest to receive. So a special gift.

Tiffany Blue Wedding Table Centerpiece[/caption%5D

Tiffany Blue Wedding Table Centrepiece

Stunning is all I can say about this!
Blue vase with a pretty sparkle ribbon and white flowers make this an exquisite centrepiece.

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