Wedding Cupcake Inspiration

A lot of brides are opting to have cupcakes at their wedding instead of the big huge cake that then needs to be cut and served. The beauty of cupcakes is it allows everyone to grab a cupcake at anytime plus it is almost like giving each of your guests a mini wedding cake all for themselves. If you are thinking cupcakes are going to be your thing then this is the perfect post for you since we are looking to inspire your wedding cupcake dreams!

Wedding Cupcake Inspiration - Love these gorgeous flowers making each cupcake an individual[/caption%5D

LOVE the beautiful flowers on each cupcake and how they are all different making each cupcake super special.

Wedding Cupcake Inspiration - Tiffany Blue Wedding Cupcakes! Gorgeous[/caption%5D

Personalized cupcakes in pretty Tiffany Blue is a wonderful way to add your wedding colours in your dessert table!

Wedding Cupcake Inspiration - Princess Inspired Wedding Cupcakes[/caption%5D

Gorgeous vintage inspired wedding cupcakes! They make me think of cinderella

Wedding Cupcake Inspiration - Such a simple yet beautiful way to dress up your cupcakes[/caption%5D

This is a great and affordable way to dress up your wedding cupcakes!

Wedding Cupcake Inspiration - A mountain of pink cupcakes[/caption%5D

This is a wonderful way to have a little bit of both for your wedding day! These gorgeous cupcakes have 3 shades of pink and are topped off with a mini wedding cake, perfect for the bride and groom to be able to cut.

Wedding Cupcake Inspiration[/caption%5D

I love this!
Everyone is always trying to make their cupcake table look amazing and add dimension and height to their displays but instead make it easy and use colour! You can get way more on the table this way and all the beautiful colours make it look really pretty.

Wedding Cupcake Inspiration - Love these mini's[/caption%5D

I love this idea!
Serve mini cakes that are each elegantly decorated.

Wedding Cupcake Inspiration - Mini Cupcakes! So cute[/caption%5D

Super cute mini cupcakes! One bite and they look delicious!

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