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If you checked out the about me section of this blog you would know that I am an Edmonton event planner and own Fresh Look Event Management. I promised that by following this blog you would get an inside look at some of the events I plan and what goes into putting them together.

Edmonton Event Planner Masquerade Ball

One of my favourite events I am planning right now is the RCMP Regimental Masquerade Ball for the Leduc & District Victim Services unit. I am very passionate about this event because it is for a great cause and supports the community. Giving back is SO Important!

It also allows me to create a really spectacular event! The whole event is about the word “WOW!” From the moment you walk into the lobby you will be wow’d by the entertainment such as stilt walkers and fire breathers, the decor and auction items.

Then you step into the banquet room you will be in awe by the floor to ceiling transformation of the banquet room to a masquerade ball. Colour will be everywhere, the stage will be dramatic and luxurious, masks for the guests to wear will be all about the room. Guests will be entertained by partner acrobatics, magic and table stunts which include a little glass eating… Yes glass eating! I’m curious about that one too!

The RCMP Masquerade Ball will be AMAZING!!

All the major details have been put into place for the event so now it comes down to the little details, which to me really make an event special. Every small detail adds up to something amazing.

Last week I worked on invitations, posters, tickets and all the stationary needs for the event. The perk of having an Edmonton Event Planner who also has a graphic design background 🙂 Today I thought it would be fun to show you the process of designing invitations for an event.

Stock PhotoI liked a few images but was really looking for THE image. You know that one that speaks to you and inspires you… yes that is how I work… which also means you spend a fair amount of time finding that one image. BUT if it inspires me and showcases what the event is about then chances are it will do the same for my clients and guests.

Here is the image that I ended up choosing, a stock photo from fotolia. The girl was wearing a masquerade mask, inspiring and mysterious all in one photo. The only issue that I had with the image is there wasn’t enough room for text and the wallpaper in the background. That wallpaper can’t be stretched without looking funny and it wasn’t in our event colours so it needed to be adjusted. The girl however was perfect!

So I decided to do a little photoshop editing to the image and remove the background and switch it out for a new one that was in the purple and blue event colours purple and left plenty of room for text. Below is a photo of my working on the image.

Edmonton Event Planner Invitation DesignOnce the image was ready it was time to add the text which I had already had so it was just a matter of positioning, font, readability and ensuring the important parts of the design are showcased.

I love the outcome of the stationary design! When you are putting together an event especially a fundraiser branding is everything. You need everything to work together and coordinate. Ever hear that marketing saying where the viewer needs to see your product 5 times before they remember what you are promoting? Same goes for an event. If you make all your marketing and advertising material coordinate you have a better chance of getting your message across.

Keep reading my blog to see more details on the Masquerade Ball, which is open to anyone wanting to attend 🙂 Have a wonderful day!
Jen – Fresh Look Event Management

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