Orange Wedding Ideas

Orange Wedding Ideas - This orange rose in a wine glass is beautiful and so easy to do!! Most venues have a wine glass to spare!Orange is such a beautiful colour that works beautifully for a wedding. If it is the fall you generally see the combination of red, yellows and oranges to match the falling leaves. Any other time of the year there is a complete mix of colours when it comes to orange. Today I thought I would share with you some Orange Wedding Ideas to help inspire your upcoming wedding.

My little tidbit of advise though is stay away from orange and black unless you are looking for a halloween inspired event. If you are from Edmonton remember orange and blue depending on the shade can mean the Edmonton Oilers… unless you want an oilers themed wedding.

My favourite combination and maybe I’m biased because I like pink but I love orange, red and a vibrant pink. Picture the image above with a punch of pink here and there as an accent.

Here are some fabulous Orange Wedding Ideas:

Orange Wedding Ideas - orange & red wedding flowersLove the flower combination of the bouquets in this wedding floral decor is one of my favourite. The brides bouquet is just gorgeous and the vases to put the bouquet in after the wedding and pictures is perfect. Because it isn’t clear it doesn’t look like the bridesmaid bouquets but instead the floral arrangements that were meant to look like that on the head table alone. The flowers change a little when it comes to the centrepieces with some similar flowers but with the addition of lilies.
To see more of this wedding please visit blue sky weddings.

Orange Wedding Ideas - Orange Wedding Cakes

There are so many styles of cakes and it really all comes down to what kind of cake you like and how it will match your theme.

  1. A huge favourite is the ombre cake starting at the bottom with orange and working it’s way up to the top with white.
  2. This orange cake of my personal favourites and only because it is so unique and pretty. The beautiful simple flowers coupled with the sugary coating it is so elegant. I seriously love it!
  3. If you love the plain white cake then this is my recommendation for you, go with something white but add some decorative touches like they have here with the rope & dots and use flowers as your accent. I had a white wedding cake for my wedding and loved it.
  4. Patterns! Take inspiration from this flower patterned cake and pick your favourite pattern and go with it! If you love damask, perfect! Or chevron is your pick then go for it! This cake is a reflection of your favourite style so have fun.
  5. Doesn’t this cake look delicious? Not only is it stunning to look at but the attention to every detail is amazing.  Try asking for an embossed scroll design on your wedding cake. It is very delicate but a twist on how a cake is normally decorated.
  6. All about Orange! This cake of course has my favourite colour combination but is so bold yet simple. The gold trim is GORGEOUS!

Orange Wedding InvitationsOrange is already such a pretty colour but when you pair it with the many ways you can do an invite it really makes the colour and pattern combination so much better. Above I have shown you a few different types of invites that showcase the colour orange and a few ways to use it in your wedding invitations.

  1. This is great if orange is your accent colour, so not your main colour but a fun colour you add into your wedding design.  I love the use of the grey and light blue for the main invitation but my favourite is definitely the punch of bright orange. If orange isn’t your colour this is a great way to showcase any accent colour. 
  2. The second invitation is a little more simple all in one design. All your information on page which makes it easy to find all your information in one place plus a little more cost effective for you.
  3. Ribbon & Pattern! I love this one. The orange pattern even just as a border is brilliant.
  4. Love bird design! This is such a pretty invitation to the wedding. Really pretty orange pattern with the love birds opening.

Orange Wedding IdeasFrom subtle orange to all over orange ambiance these are some beautiful orange wedding ideas for you to ponder.

  1. This is all about orange but yet it really doesn’t seem like it. The orange table cloth is broken up with the white floral overlay and white china. My favourite addition to this design is the font on the menu and the glittery embellishment on top.
  2. Orange Seating Cards! This is such a fun way to show guests to their seat!
  3. As simple as an orange pillow! Adding colour to your wedding doesn’t have to be hard, it can be as easy as adding an orange pillow to your lounge area… check out winners for some fun affordable pillows!
  4. Paper Flowers! Not all flowers have to be real anymore. There has been a real trend towards paper flowers for bouquets, feature walls and centrepieces. The nice thing is they don’t have to get thrown away at the end of the night and are a great keepsake for the bride.
  5. ORANGE!!! I love using lighting for an event because it really transforms a room! This room decor is probably all white but with a little orange lighting the room glows orange.

I hope you found some wonderful orange wedding ideas!!
If you are looking for a little wedding design help I would love to be your Edmonton Wedding Designer to create any of these gorgeous wedding ideas!
Jennifer Kinal – Fresh Look Event Management

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  1. Courtney - Alpha Prosperity Events
    July 20, 2013 at 1:19 pm (7 years ago)

    I love your appreciation for orange. I think this is a color that doesn’t get enough applause. So vibrant and it photographs beautifully. Orange should be neutral because it darn near goes with everything. That room lit up with orange lighting is so cool.


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