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Edmonton Wedding Venues - River Cree Resort & Casino

I love looking at Edmonton wedding venues and seeing all the potential that a hotel, facility and location have to offer. As a wedding planner I have the unique eye to take a plain room with terrible carpet and chairs that are in the wrong colour and envision what could be. When you a find a room that is perfect though, that gorgeous room that has the it factor all on it’s own without any added glitz and sparkle you know it needs to be shared.

I recently visited the River Cree Resort & Casino to take a tour of the facilities, what was available for weddings, corporate events and fundraisers and completely fell in love with each and every room. With each room I walked into I was busy snapping pictures, asking questions and imagining what I could do for every event that is held there.


Edmonton Wedding Venues - River Cree Resort & Casino Edmonton Wedding Venues - River Cree Resort & Casino

OK I know what you are thinking…. it is a tent with trucks in it… Sorry there was a convention going on but here is where my wedding planner eye comes in. Picture the walls of the tent lit up in your wedding colours, the black curtain draping around the room can be expanded or brought in make your event bigger or more intimate. The chandelier hanging from the top of the tent has pin spot lighting which allows each and every table to have a light shining directly on it. The large stage is perfect for conventions as you can see, but also a place for a live band, head table or performances. This room is completely customizable to create anything you can imagine at any size.

Edmonton Wedding Venues - River Cree Resort & Casino Edmonton Wedding Venues - River Cree Resort & CasinoTHE VERANDA IN SAGE RESTAURANT
I LOVE this room! I love the chairs, the windows, the walls. Everything about this room is amazing! It is perfect for an intimate wedding, a company meeting or christmas party. Sage offers fine dining, a world class chef and an exclusive wine list. The atmosphere you and your guests will enjoy is second to none.

Edmonton Wedding Venues - River Cree Resort & Casino Edmonton Wedding Venues - River Cree Resort & CasinoSAGE RESTAURANT
On the flip side of the Veranda In Sage is the beautiful restaurant that has a stunning large bar and round booths. I was completely stunned by the room but also by the flexibility and creativity of the River Cree to work with you to create your event no matter what the size.

Edmonton Wedding Venues - River Cree Resort & Casino Edmonton Wedding Venues - River Cree Resort & Casino Edmonton Wedding Venues - River Cree Resort & Casino

Edmonton Wedding Venues - River Cree Resort & Casino

As soon as I saw this room I was COMPLETELY IN LOVE!!
I cannot tell you how beautiful this room really is and the potential that it offers a wedding, corporate event, lunch and learns, gift openings, bridal showers. This room has it all!! Christmas parties! It is already in the festive colours! Can you feel my excitement over this room?

The red I love already, but even if your colours are not red that doesn’t mean this room wouldn’t work for you. Bring in your own colours and the red will act like a complimentary colour. Now lets talk about that Bar!! WOW! The lighting! Gorgeous. This room seriously commands your attention.

Let’s look at this room from the eye of a bride first.
As the room sits I am picturing this as a great place to host your cocktail hour before guests are able to move into your tent banquet reception. There is a mix of tables, some lower, some higher which allow your guests to lounge a little more.
Now if we were to change up the tables a bit, use only a few of the lower tables for a small lounge section near the bar and bring in some banquet rounds to make it a little more formal and you have a room that has it all!

Now take a look at this room from a corporate view such a Christmas parties, fundraisers, meetings, product launches, VIP celebrations, etc.
The stage itself is exactly what you need for all your speakers but the way the tables are set up with the lower tables in the front and the higher tables in the back work perfectly to allow everyone to have a good view. It also gives your employees and guests a little variety from being thrown into the standard hotel banquet room. During the breaks they are able to stretch their legs or sit and enjoy the atmosphere.

I have to say that from my tour of the River Cree Resort & Casino I was very impressed with everything they have to offer. This is a must see venue for your next event! Keep following Edmonton Weddings Blog & Fresh Look to see what we have planned with the River Cree in the future.

Hope you have a wonderful day!!
Jennifer Kinal
Owner/Event Planner – Fresh Look Event Management

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  1. Tracy Dapp
    June 20, 2013 at 9:51 pm (7 years ago)

    Those are gorgeous venues & I can “see” from your description how you’d make the convention center stunning!

    • edmontonwedding
      June 20, 2013 at 10:11 pm (7 years ago)

      thank you! the rooms were really stunning

  2. Donna Snyder
    June 24, 2013 at 5:57 pm (7 years ago)

    Great Venues! This gives me a great idea.

  3. Athena DeVonne
    June 29, 2013 at 9:26 pm (7 years ago)

    Rustic but modern … love the underlying intimate feel it gives.


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