Bridal Shower Checklist

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Planning an upcoming Bridal Shower? We’ve got your covered with our Bridal Shower Checklist!

  • Select A Date: pick a date that is about a month prior to the wedding date at least. I have been planning a few during the week in the evening and everyone seems to really like that… it doesn’t disrupt their weekend plans that way.
  • Create a Guest List: have the bride put together a list of everyone that will be attending the shower. Do not invite people who will not be invited to the wedding. I like to have the list created in excel so I can easily print labels.
  • Theme?? Colours? The fun thing about deciding this in advance is you can make everything from invitations to decor to food match your theme or colour choices.
  • Location: Decide on where you would like the bridal shower? Having it at home makes it a little more personal and cost effective but having it at a venue allows everyone to really enjoy the celebration.
  • Send Out Invites: you’ve got the list from your bride so now is the time to send out the invitations! One of my favourite links to get beautiful & FREE printables for invites is from Catch My Party.
  • Decide On Decorations! There are the standard bridal shower sash, hats, etc. that you can get from the party store. If you did get your invites from Catch My Party link above then you will see there are also printables that match the invite for banners, little flags, cupcake wrappers, posters and so much more… You will still need some more decor items like a centrepiece and maybe some flowers and ribbons. Take a look at pinterest, then think of what exactly you want. If you want to make it super themed or really elaborate consider having an event planner take care of this for you.
  • Food & Drink: Depending on where you are having it you may need to prepare a menu with the venue or decide what you are going to make or order in. Food is another way to incorporate that theme or colour scheme… If you are going with pink what about making a pink frothy beverage served in wine glasses!
  • Bridal Shower Games: I think this is the one area that everyone loves to hate but also loves at the same time. You can google bridal shower games and come up with plenty of ideas that would fit your shower. Then think of putting together gifts that you would want to win and make those your givewaways to the winners!
  • Ask For Help! There is a lot of time involved in planning a shower so make sure to ask for help and don’t be afraid to delegate! You will thank yourself later, promise!

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