Wedding Seating Plans: Figuring Out Who Goes Where

Isn’t it annoying when you know who you want at the wedding, but you have no idea where to put them? Not only will you need exact figures, but you need to figure out the floor plan of the venue in order to know what the limits are. There are a few key things that need to be considered when it comes to this. Here we take a look at some of the more common problems and how to overcome them as best you can.

Before you undertake the major task of putting your nearest and dearest in the same room together in the form of  table plan setting then make sure you check with your venue the type of tables they use, for example do they use long tables, round ones? How many people can be seated at each? When you know the layout of the room then it makes organising a lot easier.

If you are creating a table plan that has allocated seating then having table number’s or names is the best way to separate the tables so when it comes to the day your guests will look at your plan and know where they need to be. If you go for table names then this is a very exciting decision to make, you could pick favourite places that you and your new husband have visited or the names of your favourite flowers, the list is endless.


Babies & Children

wedding seating plans

When it comes to weddings, young children can be a bit of a pain. They scream, they cry, they run around the place but they do have their quirks! If your trying to find the perfect spot to put tiny tots then depending on how old they are of course you could have a separate kids table, now this might seem a scary prospect but providing activities for the kids to be getting on with throughout the few hours they are expected to stay in one place is a wise decision.

You could either put your chosen activities i.e, colouring, mini puzzles or anything craft like but not too messy, in the middle of the table or make up little party bags full of goodies, this would make them very happy indeed and hopefully keep them entertained for a while.

Small babies would need to be with an adult but make sure your venue has highchairs available, you don’t want your guests eating their lovely meal with a baby on their lap, apart from the potential mess you want them to enjoy the food you lovingly picked for them. 

Family Rivals

wedding seating plans When you have lots of people at your big day, the chances are there may be one or two people that may not see eye to eye. This can be an issue but there are ways in which it can be dealt. If you know that certain people have ‘bad history’ it might be an idea to have a good talk with them to make sure they try to avoid each other. One other thing you can do is make sure they aren’t sat too close to each other without moving them away from people who are familiar to them. The last thing you want to do is make people feel singled out so make sure they have at least one person they know to talk to on the table with them. Trying to please everybody is possibly the hardest thing to achieve in any wedding that is why it is so important to think about how you sit your guests in a practical way.

The chances are either bride, groom or maybe both have parents who are no longer together and have new partners so this means you have the extra worry of who to put on the top table and if you do decide to put parents on without their partners will they be offended? Who will I then sit them with?  This is a common problem and one that causes a lot of stress for a bride and groom, but remember it is your wedding, it is understandable that you would want parents up there with you and step parents generally have to accept this tradition.

If you do not think there is room in your family for tradition then why not create a top table just full of parents? It is normal wedding etiquette to have parents, bridesmaids and best men  sitting with the bride and groom ready for speeches but this is not a rule, where you want to put everybody is completely up to you, as long as when it is time for the best man speech everybody can hear him loud and clear.


Do I Mix The Older Generation With The Young Folk?

wedding seating plans

For people of a certain age it can be a very exciting time when someone they know ties the knot. It is a very traditional affair in most cases, and they will likely be in a complete state of awe. You need not worry about active seniors as they can do their own thing, but those who are getting on a bit may need some assistance here and there. It’s best to keep them near the front door in case they need some fresh air and some peace. Many might want to take a few nice pictures to celebrate the occasion, and to add to the collection. Grans with cams can be sat nearer the action so they don’t have to get up and down too regularly. Also make sure they are seated with people they are comfortable talking with, depending on what type of gran you have she might not appreciate being seated with a loud bunch.

Seating rowdy friends is a tricky one, you could separate them from the gang so to speak or seat them together, you want your guests to enjoy themselves and if your guests are the type to get along with whoever they are with then mixing it up a bit could be a fabulous idea.

Being married is not just about being united as a couple but creating new relationships between two families, so with that in mind seating everybody closest to you shouldn’t seem so scary after all.

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