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Custom wedding invitations #invitations #wedding #freshlookevents #edmontonweddingplanner #edmonton - Your Edmonton Wedding Planner


Did you know that my company Fresh Look Event Management provides custom wedding invitations? YES we do! Before getting into the event planning business I decided that I wanted to create my own fashion magazine. I was going to design it and put the whole thing together myself… yes I was a little naive lol… Well after going to school and completing my program for Graphic Design I then decided that design was not for me. I was really good at doing anything girly like wedding invitations but give me a masculine football logo and I was bored. So I decided to get my practicum placement with a large food service company in their marketing department. I was still going to be designing but I also was going to be an event planner putting together large trade shows at venues such as Northlands. Long story short that placement introduced me to the event planning world and I was hooked.

Years later I am still designing but for my events and my company. Helping my clients create custom designs, invitations, stationary all that work with the decor of the event.

This invitation for Natasha & Perry I recently completed was a favourite for me. The floral images in the backdrop were painted by my Grandma in the colours that are being used for the wedding. She provided me with multiple images to choose from and the bride was able to pick her favourites which i then used on different pieces of the invite.

Want to check out the wedding invitations process?

Custom wedding invitations #invitations #wedding #freshlookevents #edmontonweddingplanner #edmonton - Your Edmonton Wedding Planner www.freshlookevents.comTHE CUTTING!!
For multiple layer invitations there is a lot of cutting! Plus I am a bit of a perfectionist and like to challenge my invitation designs so of course I had to add plenty of beautiful layers.

Custom wedding invitations #invitations #wedding #freshlookevents #edmontonweddingplanner #edmonton - Your Edmonton Wedding Planner www.freshlookevents.comTIME TO GLUE!
Once the cutting was done it was time to move onto the glue. Putting the two pieces together to create a black border and also making sure that everything lines up perfectly.

Custom wedding invitations #invitations #wedding #freshlookevents #edmontonweddingplanner #edmonton - Your Edmonton Wedding Planner

My favorite is the reply cards. They seem silly and sometimes like a waste of money when you can just email your RSVP in but there is nothing like being the bride and opening each RSVP as they come in to get you excited about your upcoming day.

Custom wedding invitations #invitations #wedding #freshlookevents #edmontonweddingplanner #edmonton - Your Edmonton Wedding Planner

This was my favorite floral image!

Custom wedding invitations #invitations #wedding #freshlookevents #edmontonweddingplanner #edmonton - Your Edmonton Wedding Planner

I always love to use quotes. This was the brides favorite quote she picked. It is also a great image to be able to see the texture of the white paper we choose. A lovely linen to really emphasis that this was a painted image.

Custom wedding invitations #invitations #wedding #freshlookevents #edmontonweddingplanner #edmonton - Your Edmonton Wedding Planner www.freshlookevents.comTHE INVITATION
This was the bride & grooms favourite image so of course I had to use it on their main wedding invite.

Custom wedding invitations #invitations #wedding #freshlookevents #edmontonweddingplanner #edmonton - Your Edmonton Wedding Planner www.freshlookevents.comGLUEING & CUTTING COMPLETE ! 
This took me forever but as you can tell by all my photos of the process that I do really enjoy every single minute of it. Each portion of the invitation is beautiful but when you can look at it like this it makes it really special. Next was putting them all together!

Custom wedding invitations #invitations #wedding #freshlookevents #edmontonweddingplanner #edmonton - Your Edmonton Wedding Planner www.freshlookevents.comTHE LOOK!
Such a proud moment when you get to see your design all put together and ready to present to the bride and groom.

If you are looking to have a custom designed invitation please contact me! Have a wonderful day!
Jen – Fresh Look Event Management

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8 Responses to Fresh Look Custom Wedding Invitations

  1. Donna Snyder says:

    Wow! They are just beautiful and they guest are going to be wowed when they receive these in the mail. Your grandmother is an excellent painter. Great Job!

  2. Very pretty! The flower detail on the invite looks hand painted like water colors. What type of glue do you use for the layering?

    • I always use a permanent glue tape… I don’t like using glue that leaves marks and could eventually come off. I have had great experience with the glue tape, it never comes off, makes your life so much easier when doing that many invites but the trade off is it is a little more costly.

  3. These are so pretty. The work involved with custom invites is not appreciated enough. Precision, patience and attention to detail are important. This post shows why custom invites demand the investment that they do. Great post.

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