Fabulous Edmonton Wedding Talent!

There are so many talented people in Edmonton and today I am showcasing my favourite! #yegweddings

I have been truly blessed in the last year, I have had the opportunities to be nominated for an amazing award from Wedding Industry Experts, and to have won their award for Best Wedding Planner in Canada. The amazing chance to be featured and the cover of Edmonton Woman Magazine and the spotlighted on some amazing blogs.

That being said I want to thank all the amazing local people and businesses that are so talented at what they do. Without you, your beautiful flowers, amazing desserts, fabulous photos and beautiful rentals. So today is a feature to thank and showcase some seriously fabulous Edmonton wedding talent.


The Laurel’s On Whyte team has been absolutely amazing to work with! They are so talented at what they do. I know I can bring them any design idea or inspiration and they are going to bring me something far beyond what I ever imagined. But the reason they are on this blog goes beyond just talent. The welcome smile I get when I walk into their store is heart warming. It’s not just me that gets welcomed like that, I have been in the store when customers come in. Every person is welcomed, inspired by the store findings and in awe of the creations going on just beyond the counter. My brides and clients have been brought in, been part of the design process and been able to adjust their florals to their likings and budget and have still gotten an exquisite piece. Enjoy some of the beautiful creations from Laurel’s On Whyte!

Edmonton Wedding Flowers - Laurel's On Whyte - Gorgeous Florals that fit perfectly in this lantern! Love! #edmonton #wedding #flowers #lantern Edmonton Wedding Flowers - Laurel's On Whyte - How fabulous is this! The bride picking up her bouquet! I would have loved to walk on whyte with my flowers! Love! #edmonton #wedding #flowers #bridalbouquet Edmonton Wedding Flowers - Laurel's On Whyte - Love these flowers! Such beautiful colours!  #edmonton #wedding #flowers #christmasbouquet Edmonton Wedding Flowers - Laurel's On Whyte -stunning combination of flowers and colours! So beautiful! #edmonton #wedding #flowers #bouquet Edmonton Wedding Flowers - Laurel's On Whyte - I adore these succulents in this bouquet! Such beautiful colours!  #edmonton #wedding #flowers #bouquet



I met Crystal years ago and was blown away by how talented she is. Over the years I have followed her career, loved her photography, worked with her on numerous occasions and loved her bubbly personality. The fact that she can really photograph is what every photographer should do but her level of service doesn’t end there. She is on site with a glowing energy about her that is infectious to her clients. She guides her clients into poses that will give them a beautiful photo outcome, this I feel is incredibly important because she knows what photographs well. She captures every detail perfectly! She has photographed plenty of events for me and all I usually tell her is a few key points that I want to make sure are captured but the results are always way better than I could have thought. Plus she is incredibly fast! While I am still buzzing about the event I am able to get the photos back which keeps me on a high even longer and I can share them with you. Bottom Line… Crystal is FABULOUS! I have never had a bad photo from her and the fact that she is always concerned that I love them makes me adore her even more. Enjoy the talent of Edmonton photographer Crystal.Puim.Photography

Edmonton Photographer - Crystal.Puim.Photography - Love these outdoor wedding photos! So pretty! #edmonton #photographer #weddingEdmonton Photographer - Crystal.Puim.Photography - How much fun is this! Bring a little of your passions into your wedding photos! This bride brought boxing! Fabulous! #edmonton #photographer #wedding #passion Edmonton Photographer - Crystal.Puim.Photography - Love the cityscape in the backdrop of these wedding photos! So romantic! #edmonton #photographer #wedding Edmonton Photographer - Crystal.Puim.Photography - Crystal is incredibly talented at capturing architectural spaces! She is able to make the spaces really pop! #edmonton #photographer #architecture



Who doesn’t appreciate a gorgeous, show stopping, stunning cake or dessert? I know I do!  If you have followed the blog and my business Fresh Look Events you would see that I enjoy really challenging myself and my designs. Bringing something new to the wedding and event industry. Creating beauty but also creating something unique and amazing. The reason I love Style Cakes so much is because she looks at her business in the same way. She can create you some gorgeous cakes, desserts and now macaroons, but if you allow her to let her creative side flourish the outcome is breathtaking! One recent example is a beautiful birthday cake she showcased on facebook last week (I featured it below), stunning with a very pretty ruffle bottom! Something she has been wanting to create for a while. Ann has also been incredible creative for a few of my photo shoots. This last one was Breakfast Television. I created a handpainted backdrop, took a photo of it and said I would like to incorporate that into the cake design. If you look at one of the photo at the top of the page you will see she completely nailed it!! Enjoy some delicious desserts below!

Edmonton Wedding Cake - Style Cakes - Gorgeous! Style Cakes was featured on this issue of Blush Magazine! #edmonton #wedding #cake #stylecakes Edmonton Wedding Cake - Style Cakes -Love the ruffles! #edmonton #wedding #cake #stylecakes Edmonton Wedding Cake - Style Cakes - I am a HUGE fan of these tiered cookies! Yum! #edmonton #wedding #cake #cookies #stylecakes Edmonton Wedding Cake - Style Cakes - Love these custom winter wedding dessert table! Yum! #edmonton #wedding #cake #cookies #desserts #stylecakes Edmonton Wedding Cake - Style Cakes - How amazing is this winter inspired wedding cake! #edmonton #wedding #cake #stylecakes



As an event planner I need to have a partner that helps me with everything that I do. I adore Special Event Rentals because they have everything I want for my events right in stock. The staff has been amazing to me! All I have to do is email them with all my questions and I get an immediate response. Plus if I have any issues they are right there to help correct them. From emailing, to pick, drop off or delivery Special Event Rentals has been fabulous. Loving all the rental possibilities that inspire below!

Edmonton Wedding Rentals - Special Event Rentals - The perfect place for your wedding rentals! #wedding #rentals #sequin #chevron Edmonton Wedding Rentals - Special Event Rentals - The perfect place for your wedding rentals! #wedding #rentals Edmonton Wedding Rentals - Special Event Rentals - The perfect place for your wedding rentals! #wedding #rentals Edmonton Wedding Rentals - Special Event Rentals - The perfect place for your wedding rentals! #wedding #rentals Edmonton Wedding Rentals - Special Event Rentals - The perfect place for your wedding rentals! #wedding #rentals

Thank you so much for all that you do! You are absolutely fabulous!

Jennifer – Fresh Look Event Management
Edmonton Wedding Planner – http://www.freshlookevents.com

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  1. Crystal
    April 7, 2014 at 8:15 pm (6 years ago)

    We love you Jennifer! Your talent is boundless!

    • edmontonwedding
      April 7, 2014 at 8:59 pm (6 years ago)

      Crystal that was so sweet of you! Such a nice comment to see!!


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