Engagement Photos – Sarah + Nigel

How fabulous is this! Incorporating your passion in your engagement photos!

Make your engagement photos personal and incorporate your passions! Sarah + Nigel have done a fabulous job at sharing their passion for biking. What I also love is the very subtle colour matching that is going on. Her bold red paints look so much fun and combined with his plaid shirt with touches of red just make these photos look great without screaming that they were trying to match.

By considering these tiny elements the photos turn out better because everything just coordinates and the focus becomes solely about the couple and their love. What I love most about these photos is how in love these two look but also how they are having fun together. Wishing you two the best!

up close photo of this happy couple engagement photos Engagement Photos Week - Sarah + Nigel 5 Engagement Photos Week - Sarah + Nigel 6 Engagement Photos Week - Sarah + Nigel 8 Engagement Photos Week - Sarah + Nigel 9 Engagement Photos Week - Sarah + Nigel 10 Engagement Photos Week - Sarah + Nigel 12


Photography by Sweet Light Photography

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