Wedding Backdrops – Whimsical Pink + Yellow!

DIY Wedding Backdrops - Have some fun creating your own custom wedding backdrop! We're showing you how!  #wedding #backdrops #diy

Did you get to see last weeks post of our Pink + Yellow Wedding? This week we are going to focus on wedding backdrops and show you how to create your own DIY Painted Wedding Backdrop. You can follow our whimsical patterns or create your own! A great place to get some inspiration is to take a look at the scrapbook aisle of your local craft store. They have some really wonderful patterns to recreate.


DIY Wedding Backdrops - Collect your supplies #wedding #backdrops #diy


Start by collecting your supplies! You will need some canvas, paint and a brush. I went to my local paint store and found exactly what I was looking for. When purchasing your canvas I was looking for something that was very wide and long since I was hanging it from a 10 foot backdrop… So it needed to be 8 feet tall and as wide as I could get it. I was hoping for the full 10 feet but that wasn’t an option so instead I decided to keep it the width that it was and then use sheer fabric on either side of the backdrop. I also knew I wanted to have the colours be pink and yellows so I found these large tubes of paint at a really affordable price.

DIY Wedding Backdrops - Pick your favourite colours to paint with! #wedding #backdrops #diy

DIY Wedding Backdrops - Measure the length of the backdrop #wedding #backdrops #diy Next step was to measure how tall it was going to be and then cut. Go a good foot longer than you need because you will have to sew the top part to fit over the piping which it will hang from just like a curtain. Also if it is longer then you can let it fold behind, better to be too long than too short and have it start to roll up.

DIY Wedding Backdrops - start painting and have some fun! #wedding #backdrops #diy Start painting! Have fun with it! I’m normally a perfectionist but this is your chance to let go, have fun creating swirling shapes, mixing colours and try different flowers. If you don’t like it let it dry and then paint over it! Or you may just like it once you see it as a whole.

DIY Wedding Backdrops - start painting and have some fun! #wedding #backdrops #diy One of my favourite things to create were these circles and the circle swirling roses. They were super easy and looked really cool in the finished product.

hand painted backdrop gives this wedding decor such a pretty, unique and fun look!What do you think? Is this something you are going to try?

Have a wonderful day!

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