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Make your boudoir photos sexy, fun and all about you!

I always adore boudoir photo shoots! I think it is the perfect little gift you can give your fiancé and also a chance to really have fun celebrating you. Boudoir photos are all about you, (and of course the person receiving it) it gives you a chance to really explore sexy and define it as you see fit. This shoot was all about being sexy but also covered up so the perfect choice for her was using sweaters. As you look through the photos you will see that she really can pull of sexy without being in lingerie, it’s about the poses, feeling the mood and conveying it to camera.

Remember to have fun and enjoy the boudoir photo shoot because they are a chance for you to really enjoy being photographed… This coming from the person who gets shy in front of the camera… but it really is true! Have fun and enjoy!! It will show in the photos. Look how amazing she looks and she looks like she is having fun!

boudoir photos 9

boudoir photos 8 boudoir photos 7 boudoir photos 6 boudoir photos 5 this is my favourite pose! #photography #pose boudoir photos 3 love this close up of the tattoo in this photo have fun creating your boudoir photos! What do you think? Pretty amazing! She looks gorgeous and I only showed you a few photos with more skin. Now your challenge is to think of how you would do your photo shoot. Even if you never do the photo shoot the empowerment you can get from feeling sexy in a plain sweater and being in your own skin is wonderful.

photography by Alyssa Michelle Photography

I hope you have a wonderful day!

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