Monster Birthday Party

Who doesn’t love a monster birthday party? Especially one with a giant fur monster!

Who doesn’t love a monster birthday party? Especially one with a giant fur monster, orange hairy monster cakes and a little bit of arts and crafts! This is a great theme that is fun for the kids and for you.

Who doesn’t love a monster birthday party? Especially one with a giant fur monster! Get Crafty! Give the kids something to do with these mini easels and canvas. I added the drawings to the canvas which was actually a match to our printables. Each easel comes with a cup filled with paint and paint brushes. You can use the cups to fill with water. If you do this at the beginning of the party you can send it home with them dry at the end.

Boys Monster Birthday Party 5Boys Monster Birthday Party 2Desserts: Whimsical Cake Studio did a wonderful job creating these fun hairy monster cupcakes and cakes! Using cake pop for the eye balls and lots and lots of buttercream icing for the orange stringy hair. I added some cupcake wraps below for their mouths!! Just like with our spa themed party I sent some ideas to Whimsical Cake Studio and they came up with this! I would say they nailed my theme perfectly.

Boys Monster Birthday Party 3Giant Monster! Ok when you are having a monster party you have to have a giant fur monster don’t you?? This was fun to create, maybe a little hairy, seriously there was green hair all over my place, but so worth it. I created him using foam core (you can get at michaels) for the shape and then glued on the furry material, added eyes and a mouth. I also covered some boxes to add a little more fur and fun to the table.

Boys Monster Birthday Party 4Favors! Just like the Spa theme I like to to give fun items that the kids will enjoy and use. So we created an adopt a monster which has these squishy monster like creatures, when you drop them they also light up. Vials of monster slime were there for the kids to grab and play with along with bubbles.

Boys Monster Birthday Party 6Printables: Simone Made it from ETSY created this awesome monster theme printable set that includes so many ways to bring in monster stationery into your party. I didn’t get to use all of it since I was limited on table space but she has so many other things like banners and printable characters. Plus all of her printables are customizable so you can change the text to anything you want.

Boys Monster Birthday Party 7Check out our Spa Themed Birthday!


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