Spa Birthday Party

Spa Birthday Party ideas and decor

I had a wonderful time creating this fun and relaxing spa birthday party for Breakfast Television today! This is a great way to take a birthday theme and really embrace it. I know that my little one loves getting her nails painted, putting on lotion, “pretty pretty” aka chapstick and doing any crafts.

Girls Spa Birthday Party 10Instead of giving a treat bag at the end of the party I like to give out items that can be used during the party and get the kids involved in the theme. For example one of the crafts is creating your own spa sandals. The kids get to spend some time making their own sandals that they will get to wear through out the party and then take home.

Girls Spa Birthday Party 8Jamberry Nail Wraps are an EXCELLENT way to do nails for kids at a birthday party for several reasons!
1. They go on sort of like a sticker but stay on for a long time until you heat them up and peel them off. This is genius because my little one will have her nails painted so nicely and then the next day it is gone! I don’t know how she does it.
2. Little ones LOVE getting their nails done but they hate to wait for them to dry… when you are trying to paint a party of nails I’m sure there will be a few that don’t want to wait for them to dry but then want them redone when the nails get wrecked. Jamberry Nail Wraps are vinyl nail wraps and you can’t wreck them.
They even have Mommy & Me sets! The hand above is mine with the tropical mirage nail wrap which matches the mini sets I used for the party! You can see all the mommy & me sets at Miss Mandy Jamberry Nail 

Girls Spa Birthday Party 9Favors! I did put together a little bath tub of treats that include the coveted lotion, nail polish, nail file, pencil, sucker and princess “pretty pretty”. This could be given out right at the beginning or saved for the end… maybe because there are so many small pieces I would recommend the end or else you will be searching for all the items when everyone leaves.

Girls Spa Birthday Party 1Printables! Invitations, labels, bottle wraps and all that stationery can be a big task to take on so I’ll let you in on my little secret! Even with my graphic design background I prefer to get all my printables from ETSY! Yep! They are so cute, you can search for the exact look you want and the exact package you want. Plus everything is customizable, affordable and can be printed at home. I usually get some pretty paper to print on. The Spa Party theme used here was found at N’s Little Shop!

Girls Spa Birthday Party 4Desserts!! This is an area that I do not handle on my own because I cannot create something as beautiful as what Whimsical Cake Studio created for me! There are so many details that go into creating a birthday party and it is so nice to call up Whimsical Cake Studio tell them what I am looking for and have them create something that is even better than I could have asked for. The princess ruffle cake is the perfect match for our spa theme party but what is even better is the custom cupcakes with mini edible nail polish bottles! I had requested cupcakes and then I was going to add mini real nail polish bottles and Darcy from Whimsical Cake Studio suggested edible ones… yep didn’t even think of that and it is a way better idea! Don’t they look amazing? Plus her shop is SOOO cute!

Girls Spa Birthday Party 3Drinks! Of course water bottles are a must for a spa so using my printables I wrapped the bottles with the very cute bottle labels. But to add a little fun I used fun glasses/jars rimmed with icing and sprinkles, pink straws with blue flags and pink cream soda. Just something a little extra and special for the birthday girl and her friends.

Girls Spa Birthday Party 2 Girls Spa Birthday Party 5 Girls Spa Birthday Party 7Check out our Monster Birthday Party!


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  1. Steph
    June 20, 2015 at 10:54 pm (4 years ago)

    Where on earth did you did. those adorable little tubs for treat bags

    • edmontonwedding
      July 3, 2015 at 2:01 am (4 years ago)

      Those little tubs are actually from the dollar store! they were a great find!


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