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Jennifer Kinal - Edmonton Event PlannerA while back I had the chance to work with Beth from ENV Photography, an Edmonton photographer who is amazing! I had been lucky enough to win a beauty photo shoot with her and was really thrilled to do it since it isn’t something I would normally do. I’m not camera shy but when it comes to being the centre of attention and being photographed at the same time I was a little nervous. By the end of the session I was laughing and having such a blast. Posing wasn’t an issue because Beth was directing me on what looked good, what the camera liked and let me see a few shots along the way. Her studio was gorgeous, she was amazing to work with and the sneak peek photos I got to see were beautiful!! It truly is amazing what a great photographer can do.

If you ever get the chance to do a beauty shot make sure to take it! This was such an uplifting experience that left me inspired and lets be honest it helps with your confidence too. I’m sharing this with you because I honestly had the most wonderful experience working with ENV Photography, the photos turned out amazing and she is hosting a few anniversary giveaways on her page right now! 

I strongly recommend taking the time to treat yourself to session and you will be surprised at the results! Surprised at how much you enjoy yourself and how amazing you feel about yourself when it is all done. I am so excited to see what other photos came out of the session and will definitely be sharing them with you.

Hope you have an absolutely wonderful day!
Jennifer Kinal

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