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Getting married in the country can incorporate your favorite location as well as creating a very rustic country chic style wedding. Choosing between having a very rustic wedding, to vintage country, to more back roads country, you can really incorporate your style into any wedding. Find a venue – barn, acreage, field, or even a log cabin! Here is some inspiration for the coming summer in how you can really develop your country style!


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One element I really love to incorporate into rustic country weddings is re used barn wood and re used wooden barrels. There is so many different uses for them and they always look great! They really add the rustic element into the wedding and tie in the barn like feel.

Wooden Barrel Flowers

This image was inspired by Southern Weddings.

Sweet Tea

This image from Rustic Wedding Chic really integrates this look great! I love it that they have old water urns used for sweet tea and lemonade! It definitely is an eye catcher and really compliments the design.

Continuing the wooden theme, create some signs that are personalized to your wedding! These can be directions to your destination, how to get around your venue or even just what kind of drinks you are serving!

wooden directions

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Another way you can incorporate the rustic wooden theme, which is so unique is using an old worn down window and writing the seating plan on the glass! You can personalize it to your liking and its a great way to combine these rustic elements!


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Creating a personal thank you for all of your guests is a really pleasant touch. You really get to show them how much it means to you that they have become a part of your wedding and are there to celebrate it with you. I love these little seating cards pictured on Austin Wedding Blog there is just a little note for your guests to read as they find there seats!

thank you note

To add to that a guest favor that is perfect for rustic country weddings is key shaped bottle openers. Now if you would like you could use those for the ladies and mini wrench bottle openers for the men. You can also integrate these into using them for your seating chart as well. Attach little tags with their name and table number on them and have them displayed nicely. They look great and have a great purpose too! Your guests will be sure to use these once your wedding is through!


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To integrate flowers and the cake into your wedding you definitely want to keep the rustic country element continuing into these things. For flowers have different looking wooden boxes at each table with the flowers spilling out of them, or have them on a splice of wood! Instead of using a conventional cake stand try making your own! Find two different sized sliced pieces of wood and just stack them on top of each other, maybe add some rustic element into the cake as well.

rustic flowers

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Rustic country cake

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Incorporate your rustic country wedding style into your invitations as well, by adding some burlap, twine and lace. This invitations will really wow your guests, and for sure know what style of wedding they will be attending. These invitations really set the standard for your wedding and are the first impression that your guests will receive before the excitement of your big day! Incorporate these elements into the décor if your wedding as well to create a real rustic country theme!


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Last but not least find a photographer that really catches the essence of your rustic country wedding. Finds your favorites spots and really plays attention to all the detail that you have put into your wedding. Rustic country weddings can be full of designs and décor as well as the essence of your wedding dress and you really want these to be captured on your wedding day!


This image was found on Rustic Wedding Chic.

Be inspired to really take rustic country weddings to your own personal style. There’s so many elements that can be combined to create this look and they are all personal. Don’t let anything hold you back from creating the wedding of your dreams!!

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