Wedding Reception Stationery

I am a huge fan of wedding reception stationery and making it coordinate with your wedding invitations. I like to have the whole wedding match, kinda like a theme but with your stationery. Some guests may notice it but others will notice it unconsciously and recognize the coordinated theme through out the whole decor. It starts with a save the date and invitation, your introduction to your wedding colours, theme and feel. Then it spreads to your programs, escort cards/seating chart, table numbers, menus and so many more fun ways to bring your stationery design to life. Today I thought it would be fun to show you the many ways you can make your wedding flow nicely with stationery. And since I am feeling a little summery, bright and cheerful I am going to make that the theme for the wedding stationery I pick. Hope this inspires you think about how you can use the same design from beginning to end of your wedding.

Beautiful Watercolour floral save the date wedding cards! #wedding #savethedate #stationerySave the Dates: I think save the dates are a great idea but to be completely honest I think they are more of a formal thing than a necessary wedding etiquette. If your wedding is in the summer then it is nice to give a heads up to your guests of your date so they don’t book their vacation then. That said anyone you really really want to attend your wedding will definitely already know your date, either from talking with you or a close family member. If you decide to send out some save the dates then etiquette suggests that you send them out 6 months before the big day.

Love this bright floral wedding invitations and all the co-ordinating stationery that goes with it! #wedding #invitations #stationery #receptionThe Invitation: Seriously I adore this stunning floral wedding invitation design. The use of watercolour artwork just gives this such a personalized touch to the design. Depending on the amount of detail and information you want to include in the invitations you can add on additional cards with details such as accommodations, rsvp and even a fun address band to wrap around the envelope.

Beautiful Watercolour accommodations wedding card help guests to know where they can stay on your big day #wedding #invitationsAccommodations Card

love this watercolour design wedding invitation with matching RSVP Card. #wedding #invitation #rsvp #watercolour #stationeryRSVP Card

Adore how you can add this address label to the outside of your envelope. It makes your invitation so much more fun and personalized #wedding #invitation #stationery #watercolourWrap Around Wedding Address Label

 Next is all the coordinating stationery!! This is where the fun really begins since it will help bring your table and wedding decorations to life.

this is such a beautifully designed wedding ceremony program. The colours and the watercolour texture is beautiful #wedding #program #stationery #invitationWedding Ceremony Program: It is so nice to go to a wedding and see a well designed program, especially if it matches everything else visually the guests will see that day. Instead of the usual printed at home on white paper with black ink and folded in half.

I seriously love having custom wedding table numbers for your wedding rather than the hotel provided numbers. They are so much prettier and more personal #wedding #table #numbersTable Numbers: I have always really disliked the table numbers that are provided by the hotel. For me there is nothing less personal than the white table numbers on a metal tall stand. I love having my table numbers match the decor, either through the stationery like I am showing here or with something that matches the theme.

bright floral wedding menu #wedding #menu #stationery #designMenu: Menu’s are something that I consider optional. It’s nice for the guests to know what they can expect for the menu but not necessary. You can choose to have one at each guests seat (which is my preferred because it looks nicer) or 1-2 per table for guests to browse.

these would be really pretty wrapped around a napkin and would also continue the stationery theme #wedding #stationery #receptionBelly Bands: These are just an extra add that I thought I would share. They would be really pretty wrapped around napkins or water bottles if you are having an outdoor ceremony.

bright floral gift tag is super cute for your wedding favors #wedding #favors #gifttagGift Tags: Another absolute favourite of mine is to create custom gift tags for your wedding favors. It’s small but extra personal for your guests and a great take away for them from your wedding.

LOVE these bright watercolour wedding coasters! They are just too much fun! #wedding #stationery Wedding Coasters: I cannot even begin to share my excitement about how fun this idea is. Picture having a stack of these at the bar for guests to use, or scattered in the cocktail area. It is just too much fun.

such a beautiful thank you card that goes with the entire wedding stationery design #wedding #stationery #thankyoucardThank You Cards: And finally the thank you card. Your already sending them so isn’t it so nice to have the option to have the stationery continue right until the last touch you send your guests.

Hope you liked seeing the beautiful stationery I picked and how they can go from the beginning of your wedding right until the end.

Have a wonderful day!

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