12 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Wedding Planner

Not everyone is going to need or want a wedding planner to help them with your wedding and that is totally ok!  It can be an expense that people are not willing to part with however you should consider a few factors about why you should have a wedding planner first before you make your final decision. Wedding Planners can help you so much with your wedding, your decor, the budget (ummm you may have to spend to get a planner but you get back in budget costs!), timeline, day of service. Here is my top 12 reasons why you should hire a wedding planner.

12 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Wedding Planner

  1. TIME
    This is really where the Wedding Planner brings the most to the table. We have done this before so we know who and where are all the best vendors and venues are, which cuts down on the amount of time you are going to spend searching for them on your own.
    We can visualize your wedding theme/decor instantly giving you ideas that might be perfect for you rather than you again searching and filling up your pinterest board. Let’s be honest, if your board is full how often do you go back to those pinned photos?
    The time you are going to spend planning your wedding is huge and even more so huge because for most it’s your first wedding so it’s all new and your learning. A planner saves you so much time in so many aspects that you are going to really appreciate how enjoyable the planning process is going to be.Edmonton wedding planner tall floral arrangement
  2. MONEY
    Here’s the subject that really seems to be the big deciding factor. A good experienced planner can be expensive but they can also save you money, time and stress. We’ve worked with the best vendors and more than often they go above and beyond for our clients because the planner has built a great relationship with them that you the bride and groom get to benefit from. Some vendors also give discounts on their services to planners which we get to pass onto our clients to enjoy. So yes it will cost you money but in the long run it will pay off in so many ways.
    Did someone say weddings are stressful to plan? I cannot count the number of times I have been told by the groom (once in their speech) – “I didn’t want to hire a wedding planner originally but I am so thankful we did. You were amazing, my bride enjoyed the whole planning process and she never was stressed out or overwhelmed by the wedding”.
    It is our job to take the stress off of the happy couple. We have done this before, we love doing it and it’s our job. Your planner should be able to come to you with ideas, create an entire budget for your wedding that is updated through out the planning process. You should know that if you have questions you don’t have to scour the internet looking for answers but instead just send an email, call or text to your planner. We handle all the details so all you have to do is relax and enjoy!20141-5
    Just because you hired a planner doesn’t mean that they take over. It’s your wedding day and we are just there to help you along. If you would rather have your wedding planner handle everything then that’s our job and we will keep you up to date on the status of the planning and ask you questions as they come. If you really want to be right in there then  let’s do it! It’s your day and really we are just here to do the nitty gritty stuff so you can enjoy the fun stuff!
    This is such a scary one for the couple to handle so let your wedding planner take that off your list. We provide you with an accurate estimate of your wedding costs, tell you where to cut/add and give you ideas on how we can make the wedding work within your budget and desired theme/style. Having a planner take this task off your plate is huge, it keeps your budget on track, keeps the bride/groom/both from going too crazy with their wedding desires and you know where you stand. Weddings are costly so having someone experience help you tackle this is beyond worth it.Desert Display!
    I’ve said this above but the relationship that wedding planners bring with them is so valuable. We’ve worked with these vendors on multiple weddings so we know that they provide quality work, they are on time, they never fail us in their skills and that when we recommend them we can stand behind them 100%.
    Hands up if you want to be setting up your wedding decor the day of your wedding? Or asking your bridal party to head to the venue after dress rehearsal to set up the room? In this virtual blog room I don’t see any hands. Why? Because you have better things do to! Like enjoying your dress rehearsal and dinner, like getting your makeup and hair down with your bridal party on your wedding day. Like partying the night away with all your bestie’s without having to worry that you need to clean up that night before you go home. Let the planner handle that for you! Nobody wants to be on clean up patrol at 1AM. The planner set it up, they know which box each item goes into, the have a team to help them and can get it done for you. Enjoy your day!Edmonton wedding planner tall floral arrangement
    This is the big day and there is so much to get done. Do you want to remember as much details about your day as possible or do you want to remember running around, worried that everyone is going to remember when they need to walk down the aisle, did the candles get lit at the reception, will the dj, lighting, cake and flowers make it to the reception and look good? No you don’t want to remember those details. Who would? Let your planner take care of that. Wedding Planners can catch details that need to be fixed before you even know about it, sometimes you will never know if something went wrong. They also have backup plans in the event that it rains and how they are going to convert your outdoor wedding ceremony to indoors. Your day is so busy and all you should have to worry about it enjoying it.
    I’m a little decor and detail specific so I LOVE the theme and inspiration boards for couples. It’s a way to take the bride and grooms ideas make them all work together and give a visual on how the day is going to look from start to finish. We know what is available in Edmonton or who can make it for us. We can give you ideas you didn’t think of, add in venue specific details and really bring your vision to life.IMG_0287-EditWEB
    It’s all in the details and Wedding Planners love it! We take care of the details from the decor, to stationary, to where to put the photographer at a table (this seems to be forgotten by a lot of couples), to the coordination of the ceremony to reception. It’s easy to overlook the small details but Wedding Planners know all the details that need to be taken care of even the small ones.
    Wedding Planners create a detailed timeline that is specific to the bride and groom, the bridal party, the vendors and for themselves. This keeps everyone on time, know where and when they should be there. This also helps the venue know when to expect vendor drop offs like rentals, cake and the DJ.  If by chance someone is late they can be easily contacted and if they are lost then they just need to refer to their timeline to know what the address and contact person’s details to get to where they need to be.
    The planning experience can be such a fun one especially if you are working with a Wedding Planner. It’s the planners job to make it enjoyable for you, we want you to love your planning experience and feel confident that your day is going to be exactly as you want it to be.
    edmonton wedding planner Jennifer Kinal Fresh Look Event Management

If you have any more wedding planning questions feel free to send me an email and we can chat more about your wedding day, questions and why you should hire a wedding planner! xo Jen from Fresh Look Event Management.

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