Top 10 Edmonton Wedding Photo Locations

TOP 10 Edmonton Wedding Photo Locations

There are so many hidden gems when we are talking about Edmonton Wedding Photo Locations and lucky for me and you I have a bestie who knows all the best spots! Lisa, one of the beauties behind LifeDotStyle, an amazing Edmonton wedding photographer gave me all the locations and the photos to share with you.

The key to keep in mind is where is your ceremony taking place, how much time do you have between and where does the reception take place. If you have all the time in the world for photos then yay your all set! If you are limited on time you might not be able to hit them all but hopefully your favourite happens to be right near your ceremony and reception.

I’d love to hear which is your favourite so please comment below and share!

TOP 10 Edmonton Wedding Photo Locations

  1. Graffiti Wall
    Slightly obsessed with this location and it’s one I have never seen before! Thanks Lisa! This one is located downtown and under a bridge so if you didn’t know to look you might never find it. Find it under the bridge at 109 street and 99 avenue or here on google map.
    Edmonton Wedding Photo Location - Graffiti Wall
  2. Tressel Bridge
    Whenever we drive by a Trestle Bridge I am always in awe of the construction of it, how beautiful they look and how much heritage they carry. Maybe that is just me but when Lisa shared this beautiful spot I was really excited about it! You can find this Trestle Bridge in St. Albert in Lions Park as part of the Red Willow Trail System. Just a hint, park at the Rotary.
    Edmonton Wedding Photo Location - Trestle Bridge St. Albert
  3. Government House
    You’ve probably seen the beautiful wedding photos taken at the government house and how amazing and traditional the photos look. What you don’t see too often are the other photos taken on the grounds. There is this beautiful tall neutral wall shown below that really gives your photos such a pretty backdrop or the beautiful tall trees that frame the newly married couple and bridal party so perfectly.
    You can find the Government House Here.
    3. Edmonton Wedding Photo Location - The Government House 13. Edmonton Wedding Photo Location - The Government House 1 3. Edmonton Wedding Photo Location - The Government House 1
  4. Hastings Lake Garden
    If you are having your wedding ceremony at Hastings Lake which by the way has the prettiest gazebo lined with beautiful flowers for your ceremony then you will have the chance to take some beautiful photos on the grounds. A few of my favourites from the LifeDotStyle collection is this one with the pretty rustic swings and the old farm house in the background. You can find Hasting Lake Gardens Here.
    4.Edmonton Wedding Location - Hastings Lake 4.Edmonton Wedding Location - Hastings Lake
  5. Devonian Gardens
    You will always find beautiful photos of the Devonian Gardens for Edmonton Wedding Photo Locations and to be honest I couldn’t not include them because it really is just too pretty. Get your directions here.
    5. Edmonton Wedding Photo Location - Devonian Gardens 5. Edmonton Wedding Photo Location - Devonian Gardens
  6. University of Alberta
    Another beautiful traditional spot in Edmonton to have your wedding photos taken, made even sweeter if you met each other at the University. I so adore this photo and the time of year it was taken with the vines around the building. Although I am sure when it is full of leaves and beautiful colours it would be just as amazing! Something note about having your photos taken at the University of Alberta is will need a permit to be able to walk the grounds. You can find this location here.
    6.Edmonton Wedding Location - UofA6.Edmonton Wedding Location - UofA
  7. Whyte Ave
    You know that if I can throw in a second graffiti wall I am 100% going to do it! Seriously how fun are these bright vibrant colours with the brides beautiful white dress. This photo was taken just off Whyte Avenue in an alley behind Julios Bario and a spot I really really want to check out lol.
    7. Edmonton Wedding Photo Location - Whyte Avenue
  8. Whitemud Park
    Another beautiful spot that provides wide opens spaces and has great lighting for day and night photography which is super important for capturing amazing photos. There are also several walking paths which make perfect little secluded photo spots. You can find this spot here.
    8. Edmonton Wedding Photo Location - Whitemud Park
  9. Hawrelak Park
    It’s mid summer so I’m sure these winter photos might not be exactly what you are wanting to see but summer or winter this spot is gorgeous! The pretty bridge in the background with the hanging globes on the trees just make this photo magical. You can create this photo no matter what time of year you are getting married at Hawrelak Park.
    9. Edmonton Wedding Photo Location - Hawrelak Park 9. Edmonton Wedding Photo Location - Hawrelak Park

Terwillegar Dog Park
There is something about bridges and wooded paths that just make the most magical photos. As you an see this bridge in the fall makes the most beautiful photos, there are beautiful paths to take including one that goes right to the river. In July there are several beautiful purple photos just a heads up… or down, watch out for dog poop as it is in a dog park. Dog lovers you might want to try this spot out at the Terwillegar Dog Park.
10. Edmonton Wedding Photo Location - Terwillegar Dog Park 10. Edmonton Wedding Photo Location - Terwillegar Dog Park

Every photos shared today was supplied by LifeDotStyle.

Thank you ladies for making this post happen! xoHope you liked today’s TOP 10 Edmonton Wedding Photo Locations! I want to hear all about the ones that were your favourite!! Please leave a comment below and share this with your bridal party to help you decide!!

Happy Planning! xo Jen
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