The Whitewood Barn – Edmonton Barn Wedding

Edmonton Barn Wedding Reception at the Whitewood Barn

Edmonton Barn Wedding – The Whitewood Barn

I truly believe that life works in mysterious ways and what is meant to be will be. I was looking up Edmonton wedding venues and stumbled across the Whitewood Barn. For those that don’t know the Whitewood Barn is the perfect place to host your Edmonton Barn Wedding located just outside of Edmonton. Somehow when looking up more details of the barn I decided that I needed to go for a visit, see the space and blog about it for you so that you. Little did I know that when I went to visit I would see the barn being built and not the fully ready event space I was expecting.

I met the most amazing couple who’s dream was to build a beautiful space for brides and grooms to celebrate their special day all in on place. They had created a beautiful ceremony site hidden in a secluded section of the land. Multiple photo locations were all around the space, games areas for guests to play when they are in between ceremony and reception. The barn itself was unreal, a dream for any bride thinking about having a rustic chic wedding. I also didn’t mention the bar area they built out of a grain tower! This space is absolutely stunning in every possible way.

Beautiful bride and groom at the Whitewood Barn

While talking with Chris about the venue we started to talk more about their Open House and how she could make it an absolute hit. Being the planner that I am of course I was so excited and brimming with ideas on how to showcase the Whitewood Barn the best way possible. So Chris and I started to work together to make sure the Open House was a hit. The day was going to be a mock wedding, allowing guests to walk through the venue as if it were set up for a wedding to happen.

Greeted at the entrance we had set up crates as a table to hold up our fan programs for guests to take. The sign we found “Happily Ever After Starts Here” right at the entrance seems just so fitting.

Welcome guests to the Whitewood Barn with the sweetest sign - Edmonton Wedding Venue

When you first walk into the ceremony site you have to walk under these beautiful arches through the trees in the ceremony space with wood benches flanked with mason jar florals on either side of the bench and a beautiful arch for the Bride & Groom to be married in front of. It creates such a magical experience.

Such a beautiful Edmonton Rustic Wedding Ceremony Location - Whitewood Barn

There is this old collapsed barn that makes for a perfect photo spot which we decorated with beautiful flowers to add a little something extra. Around the venue there are so many beautiful photo locations, I’ve shared a few below for you.

Speaking of photo locations the Whitewood barn itself makes the most perfect wedding photo location. The white barn doors are the perfect backdrop for the Bride & Groom. We added a few more of those tall crates filled with flowers to keep the rustic barn decor flowing through the whole event.

Beautiful Photo of the Bride & Groom at the Whitewood Barn - Edmonton Barn Wedding Beautiful Photo of the Bride & Groom at the Whitewood Barn - Edmonton Barn Wedding Beautiful Photo of the Bride & Groom at the Whitewood Barn - Edmonton Barn Wedding Beautiful Photo of the Bride & Groom at the Whitewood Barn - Edmonton Barn Wedding

Once the barn doors slide open you are welcome to walk into the beautiful Whitewood Barn and see the white barn walls, the rustic wood farm tables with matching wood cross back chairs and oh the chandeliers! The chandeliers have my heart and completely add the perfect amount of chic to the barn.

Whitewood Barn Chandeliers

The Whitewood Barn is the perfect location to host your wedding day, especially if you are in search for that perfect Edmonton Barn Wedding. As I said it is located just outside of Edmonton and also offers guests the option to camp on the property or shuttle to the nearest hotel so you don’t have to worry about anyone having to drive.

Below I have listed all the vendors that helped create this magical event and photos and if you are looking for a planner to pull together your Rustic Chic wedding day at the Whitewood Barn then check me out at Fresh Look Event Management.

Fresh Look Event Management your Edmonton Wedding Planner - Jennifer KinalBeautiful floral decor for our Rustic Chic Edmonton Barn WeddingWhitewood Barn Bar built inside of a grain tower Beautiful floral decor for our Rustic Chic Edmonton Barn Wedding Beautiful floral decor for our Rustic Chic Edmonton Barn WeddingBeautiful bride and groom at the Whitewood Barn


Hope you loved today’s post featuring the Whitewood Barn! I would love to see your comments below on how you would create your own Rustic Barn Wedding!

XO Your Edmonton Wedding Planner
Jen from Fresh Look Event Management 

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  1. The wild orchid
    August 20, 2018 at 6:13 am (2 years ago)

    Beautiful location and the best part is arrangement of flower made this location more beautiful.

  2. The wild orchid
    September 21, 2018 at 11:10 am (1 year ago)

    very nice weeding flower arrangement that is giving the great ambience in the weeding.


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