Our Favourite, Fun and Cute Wedding Favor Ideas

There are so many choices for wedding favors for your wedding so we wanted to create a list of our favourites to help you with your favor choices! Favors can have so much variety, there is food favors, I kinda like those the best because then you get to eat them right there! There is cocktail favors, maybe a bit more of an adult only party. Saucers filled with succulents, hot chocolate tubes for colder days, bags of seeds to plant the brides and grooms love and watch it grow, there are SO MANY CHOICES!! So why not create a post that shares all our wedding favor ideas! I’d love to hear which one is your favourite!! Leave comment below and let me know!

Succulent Wedding Favors
such a cute little wedding favor for guests to be able to take home. I know I would appreciate this one and get to see it each day.

Succulent wedding favors are so fun and a special take away for guests image courtesy of https://weddingbells.ca[/caption%5D


Hershey’s Kisses Favor 
I told you food is always a hit! Who wouldn’t want to nibble eon this while they are waiting for dinner to start? Yes even before dinner! And if you have kids attending they will be very thankful if it’s a yummy treat they will love.

Hersheys kisses wedding favor image courtesy of http://www.oudalovaeventsdesign.com[/caption%5D


Wedding Sunglasses
I think this idea is so cute and fun! When was the last time you went to a wedding and received a cute pair of sunglasses? Add your wedding date and names makes it just the best gift. I can just picture everyone wearing them all night dancing. They would also be fabulous for a outdoor wedding.

Sunglasses make such a fun wedding favor idea and perfect for sunny days and outdoor weddings image courtesy of https://www.etsy.com/%5B/caption%5D


Wedding Tree
This can be a really sweet gift because it allows guests to go and plant a tree which is amazing but also be able to watch it grow. When you are celebrating your 10 year anniversary can you imagine how big that tree is?

Wedding tree favor for guests image courtesy of https://weddingbells.ca/%5B/caption%5D

Wedding Custom Blankets
If you are having an outdoor wedding or have outdoor space providing pretty custom wedding blankets can be such a wonderful touch for guests and a great takeaway that will continue to be used.

Wedding Favor Ideas - Custom wedding blankets make such a great favor gift idea image courtesy of https://emmalinebride.com[/caption%5D


Honey Wedding Favors
This is always such a cute way to give a personal gift and also create a display of the wedding favors. This image they used honey but you can use anything in those mini jars!

Wedding Favor Ideas - Love these cute little honey wedding favors in a mason jar image courtesy of http://fresno-weddings.blogspot.com[/caption%5D


Seed Wedding Favor
Another fun one that I really enjoy is the seed wedding favor packets… fill it with your favourite seed or one that really reminds you of your honey. I did get the paper seed once and that did nothing so I really think going this route is way better. Also make sure your flower you pick is one that is hardy and will always grow.

wedding favor ideas - love these packets of wedding seeds to plant image courtesy of https://www.etsy.com/%5B/caption%5D


Wedding Coffee Bean Favors
I am a little coffee obsessed so of course I had to share this super cute favor that is full of chocolate covered coffee beans!

Love this coffee bean wedding favor idea! image courtesy of https://www.evermine.com/%5B/caption%5D


Candy Buffet Wedding Favor
Another way to go is to make your candy buffet the wedding favor. Instead of putting together a mason jar or box filled with candies let your guests pick their own candies to take as their wedding favor. If you use old school candies like gummies, worms, sour soothers those are always a huge hit!

Candy buffet wedding favor! Allow guests to create their own wedding favor filled with their favourites image courtesy of https://www.etsy.com/%5B/caption%5D

Beer Bottle Opener
I kinda am LOVING this idea! First how cute is this to have at each seat! And you could put little dads root beers at the kids seats! Any of my brides want to do this? I would LOVE to make that happen! Clearly smitten.

Beer bottle opener wedding favor! I am in love with how cute this is, and for kids add a Dad's Root Beer at their seat! image courtesy of https://www.etsy.com/%5B/caption%5D



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