DIY Valentines XO Table Runner

DIY Valentines Table Runner

Did you happen to catch last weeks reveal of the February Tablescape? And if you did, then did you see the super fun and fabulous XO table runner we created specially for it? Today we are sharing how you can create your own DIY Valentines XO Table Runner with all the supplies we used and how.

PS it is super easy and it made such an impact! I received so many compliments on the table runner.

Here’s What You Need:

DIY Valentines Table Runner

I had my inspiration from the little frame beside me. I wanted to keep the lettering kinda like it was shown in the frame. Thick on some brush strokes and thin on others. Also don’t be too particular, the beauty is in having each x and o be different, not complete and just like a real brush stroke rather than perfection.

DIY Valentines Table Runner DIY Valentines Table Runner

Have fun with it and don’t worry too much about the pattern. I started trying to keep a pattern in the beginning but it made it a bit more frustrating that I would have liked and it turned out  better when I stopped focusing on a pattern. Keep it unique!

Valentines Day Inspired Wedding DecorValentines Day Inspired Wedding Decor

Love my side kick in the background here, I was worried she would be all over the paint.

Also note that if your linen is thin like mine was then you are going to want to paint with a piece of paper underneath so if it bleeds through which it will then it won’t get your floor. I just kept moving it as I went along.  DIY Valentines Table Runner

Have so much fun with your DIY Valentines XO Table Runner!

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XO Jen Kinal – Fresh Look Event Management

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