Giveaway – Jord Wood Watch

Jord Wood Watch Giveaway

When I was asked to partner with Jord Wood Watches to bring you a giveaway to Win $100 towards a Jord Wood Watch I jumped on the chance. I truly believe they make the best gift to give your loved one, your future husband or exchange together.


I have given my husband 3 Jord Wood Watches now, each engraved with a special message just for him. I have given him watches before but he LOVES Jord Wood Watches the best for a few reasons.

Why Jord Wood Watches Make The Best Gift

  1. They Are Light – Because they are made of wood that makes them incredibly light so you don’t feel like your arm is being pulled down by a heavy weight.
  2. Unique Wood Grain – The wood grain is beautiful and unique. It definitely catches the attention of everyone who sees the watch.
  3. Compliments – My husband gets so many compliments on his watch because it is different from the everyday watch.
  4. Variety – There are so many styles to choose from. My personal favourite is the light wood grains paired with the exposed gears.
  5. His & Hers – For my couples these make the perfect gift for each other. You can pick watches that are similar in their grain and then each engrave a special message underneath for your partner. It makes the perfect gift you will both love to wear. And it will compliment that beautiful ring you are sporting too!

I’ve also been given a $20 OFF coupon just for you guys!
Use code ABEAUTIFULINSPIRATION before06/16/2019 to get $20 OFF!

Good Luck! 

Jord Wood Watch Giveaway

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