Jell-O shot Bar – Monthly Tablescape 

How fun is a Jello Shot Bar for your next event, wedding or BBQ! Hey friends! This months tablescape I am so so thrilled to be sharing!

We’ve all heard about wedding and event candy bars, dessert bars and the super yummy donut bar, but have you heard of a Jello Shot Bar? It’s also a great alternative for all those brides asking me to have a shot greet guests arriving at the reception.

So today’s monthly tablescape theme is Jello Shot Bars and feature the fabulous Original Jel Shots in the most delicious of flavours, and their convenient packaging makes it easy to create a fun display. Much easier than having someone wait at your reception entrance with a bottle and a shot glass.

Tropical Jello Shot Bar Ideas - BBQ Ideas

To go with the fun Jell-O shot theme I decided to have some fun creating a tropical feel. Jello shots remind me of summer, BBQ, family friends and the bright coloured packaging and flavours made me think of the tropics. So why not create a theme that showcases the Jello Shots at their finest!

To create your own Tropical Jello Shot Bar:

Jello Shots from Original Jel Shots, Cake Stand (similar, similar, similar), Pineapple Light, Flamingo Light, Cactus Light, Inflatable Pineapple Floatie, Drink Cup Inflatable Floaties – 12, Mason Jar Glasses (similar, similar, similar), Pink Kate Spade Napkins, Donut Pineapple Toppers, Tropical Skewers, Palm Leaf Chargers & Palm Leaf Confesit Custom Made by Engravables Design, Tropical Trays from Dollar Store (similar, similar), White Tablecloth

Tropical Party Decor Tropical Jello Shot Bar Ideas

I treated the Jello Shot Bar similar to a Dessert Bar and Candy Bar using cake stands to display the Jello Shots and vases filled with more jello shots. I added on the extra fun decorative tropical toppers created by Engravables Design made with mini sunglasses, tropical flowers, pineapples and flamingos. Those really might have been the most amazing element of the tablescape… Minus the booze and the decorative lights because I am just a sucker for decorative Cactus, Flamingo & Pineapple! Anyone with me on that one?

The Perfect Jello Shots for your upcoming BBQ! Ready made from Jel Shots! Tropical Party Decor Tropical Party Decor

Another fun element that I HIGHLY RECOMMEND is the super easy blow up pineapple float and blow up drink floats. Not only are these backdrops super easy to create and large so they take up a lot of space like any good backdrop should they can be used again. This pineapple floatie is coming with me to Kelowna this summer and floating beside me is going to be the unicorn drink float carrying my jello shot!

Tropical Party Ideas - Love the Blow Up Drink Floaties!Tropical Party Decor The Perfect Jello Shots for your upcoming BBQ! Ready made from Jel Shots!

To complete the look I added in a fun plastic yellow plate that I found at home sense, I couldn’t find the exact ones to link so I liked some similar options. Another great item to save for those BBQ days that might pop out of nowhere. I always like to have these things handy to make it fun. I also paired it with my Pink Kate Spade Napkins that I am obsessed with. Maybe it’s the event planner in me but I love a beautiful napkin! If you plan to keep your main table decor simple you can always spice it up with a fun coloured napkin. Slowly I am increasing my napkin collection because no matter what you are always bringing those out at every dinner.

Love how cute these Pineapple Inspired Donuts are! Tropical Jello Shot Bar Ideas Tropical Party Decor The Perfect Jello Shots for your upcoming BBQ! Ready made from Jel Shots! Tropical Jello Shot Bar Ideas - BBQ Ideas Tropical Jello Shot Bar Ideas

I hope you are inspired to create your own fun Jello Shot Bar for your next wedding, event or backyard BBQ. There is already so much that goes into planning an event, lets make it easier on ourselves and allow Original Jel Shots make the Jello Shots, which by the way do not need to be refrigerated (yay extra fridge space) and come in so many delicious flavours! And whatever doesn’t get used can be saved for the next party!

I’m curious, which element was your favourite? and hands up to who will be creating their own Jel Shot Bar? Me Me Me!!

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