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Lake View Picnic - PINTEREST

I feel like every tablescape I am gushing about how this is my favourite but let’s be honest they are all pretty fabulous!! And June’s tablescape theme is no different! It’s bringing together the outdoors which I know we are all ready to enjoy more of and a classic rustic chic table decor. What I love about this tablescape it the elements included are so easy to find and recreate. So let’s start how each item brought this whole look together.

Lake View Picnic Table Decor Lake View Picnic Table Decor Lake View Picnic - Art Of Cake Naked Cake 2

The Centrepiece:

My recent visit to Holes Greenhouse made it easy to build a centrepiece. I found a lavender topiary which happens to be my favourite plant and some commonly used herbs. Since I already had some rustic wood crates that fit the theme perfectly I planted these herbs all together in two pots to create a full green arrangement and the topiary went into its own planter. With it being a long picnic table I placed the lavender in the middle and the two herb planters on the ends. The nice thing about these centrepieces is they can be used afterwards. Herbs are the perfect thing to have on hand for cooking and the lavender tree is looking pretty fabulous on my dining room table.

Wedding Herb Centrepiece Lake View Picnic Table Decor

The Picnic Table Makeover:

As you read above my table is a plain plastic picnic table we have at the lake. Which means it isn’t pretty and tablescape ready. So to dress it up I added a beautiful white tablescloth (you can get the exact one here) and a beautiful deep blue table runner. Which by the way I picked up from my nearest fabric store. It’s just 5meters of fabric. I’m also keeping this for future tablescapes.

But because this is a bench those plastic seats aren’t oh so pretty either so to make it more inviting to sit at I covered the bench seats with blue blankets. And voila you have a beautiful and inviting table for guests to sit at.

Lake View Picnic View from table

Engraved Wood Accents:

Now here is where the customization comes in. And before you get worried you can’t recreate this then let me tell you that you most definitely can!! Amanda from Engravables Design is a friend of mine in Edmonton that does custom engraving. You just have to ask her if it is possible and your laughing! Because everything I have ever asked for she has created! So for this tablescape I knew that I had clear plates and a wood charger engraved with a special message was going to be something so so special for guests to sit down to. So I asked her if it was possible… Which then turned into yes for sure, what about some wood cutlery with quotes engraved into them? Oh and if you are going to do Sangria then you definitely need to have some stir sticks! I’ll just whip those up for you as well… And just like that my tablescape has turned into something even more amazing than I had expected it to be.

That’s the great thing about working with local small businesses. They are excited to be involved and create! I am so so thankful for all the businesses I have been able to work with and support, and now I get to share them all with you too!

Engraved Wood Charger - Give Thanks With A Grateful Heart 1

Give Thanks With A Grateful Heart

Engraved Wood Charger - Faith Can Move Mountains 1

Faith Can Move Mountains

Engraved Wood Charger - Pray And Never Give Up 2

Pray And Never Give Up

Engraved Wood Charger - Today Is A Good Day For A Good Day 1

Today Is A Good Day For A Good Day

Engraved Wood Cutlery - Good Vibes Only Quote.jpg

Good Vibes Only

Engraved Wood Cutlery - Good Vibes Only Quote.jpg

Always Be Joyful

Engraved Cheers Drink Stir StickLake View Picnic Table Decor

The Naked Cake:

Speaking of FABULOUS small businesses I have to tell you all about The Art Of Cake and the naked cake she created for this shoot! Can we just all agree that it looks delicious and fits this theme perfectly! And I will be raising my hand over here letting you know that this cake was even more delicious than it looked! Gloria the owner of the Art Of Cake is an insanely talented lady who loves what she does and is so so good at it! Every bride she has created a cake for has been exactly what they wanted and every time she has created something for me it has exceeded my expectations. Plus if you local you need to check out The Art Of Cake, it is a beautiful cafe with delicious food that offers high tea and is an excellent spot for your bridal shower “wink, wink”

Lake View Picnic - Art Of Cake Naked Cake 2

The Summer Drink! Sangria:

You can’t have a lake picnic without some Sangria, which is most definitely a summer staple. There are so many recipes out there but this one you are going to love because it is yummy and so so easy!! There are only 4 ingredients! Yep 4!

4 Ingredient Summer Sangria Recipe 2

  • 1 Cup of Cut Up Fruit – We usually go for strawberries, blueberries and grapes.
  • 1 Cup of Vodka
  • 1 Bottle of Red Wine – Shiraz has been our go to since we have that handy.
  • 1 Can of Sprite
  • Put your cut up fruit into a large pitcher and add the vodka to marinate. We usually marinate it in the morning for a happy hour drink. If you decide that a second round is in order then don’t worry, just skip the marinating time.
  • Add the full bottle of red wine
  • Add the can of sprite
  • Stir and enjoy!!

And for those that are curious the menu was pretty much all from the Italian Market, they carry the best meats and cheese selections ever!

Lake View Picnic - Tomato Boccocini Basic Skewers 2Lake View Picnic View from table Setting Up The Lake View Picnic Tablescape

Hope you enjoyed a little peek at my lake and the beautiful view we had from the Lake View Picnic we set up. It was so delicious and the best way to spend the day. Happy May!


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