Deciding On Your Wedding Budget

Deciding on a budget might be the hardest part of wedding planning. It’s one area that can decide what is possible for your wedding. So today we are going to talk about how you can come up with a realistic budget so that the rest of your wedding planning flows nicely with little stress.

Wedding Budget Breakdown to help you plan your wedding

Steps to deciding on your wedding budget

Talk It Out:

Talk with your fiancé and family members to decide what funds are available to you and your wedding.

Make A List Of Your 3 Must Have Items.

These are the items you must have. Maybe your a foodie and food is super important to you. Maybe it’s the photographer, pricing for a good photographer range between 3,500-10,000. Or maybe it’s flowers! That’s me, I love my flowers so so much.

Look At Real Life Budgets.

Download our 3 Real Life Wedding Budgets from brides that I have worked with previously. Take a look at what their costs look like and compare them to the number you decided on in step 1. Are they lining up? It’s ok if they aren’t. Almost all my brides come to me having never planned a wedding which means they have no idea what the costs are. That’s ok. Look at these, compare your estimated budget and your must haves. Where do they fall on your list.

Do A Little Research.

As I said above photographers have a large range in pricing. Venues have a large range in rental rates and menu pricing. Just a little bit of research on this can help you come up with a relatively accurate quote.

Talk It Out Again

Sit back down with your family and fiancé to discuss the budget update. Were you realistic in your expectations starting? And what changes do you need to make?

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Now before you start getting scared know that you can make any budget work. Sometimes it just requires us to be more creative or let go of certain things. I’ve had a groom insist on a photo booth and then when looking at the budget realize that he would rather spend that money on liquor. I’d say his priorities are in check lol. Just remember this is your day and you can shape it anyway you like! If you need a little help leave me a comment below or hire me as your planner! Depends on how much of a diy planner you are.

Download your real life wedding budgets here.

Free Real Life Wedding Budgets Download - Helping you plan your wedding easier

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