How To Use Pinterest To Design Your Wedding

Pinterest wasn’t really a thing when I got married so planning your wedding was completely reliant on wedding magazines and Martha Stewart Weddings. Now that Pinterest has been around for a while and filled with many many wedding ideas it makes the perfect place for you to find all your ideas and create a online inspiration board.

How to use Pinterest to plan and design your wedding - Edmonton Wedding Planner, Fresh Look Event Management

Pinterest will not only be helpful to you during your planning but every vendor you are working with. The bridal boutique will get to see all those dresses you’ve been eyeing so they know the styles to pull for you.  The florist the type of flowers that catch your eye and for myself as the wedding planner when I’m helping you find that perfect venue, decide on the decor and even pointing you in the right direction for vendors to select.

How to use pinterest to plan your wedding

In today’s post I am going to teach you how to use Pinterest to your advantage when wedding planning. It is full of every wedding idea and price range so we are going to always keep that in mind. If you saw the how to budget your wedding post then you would have seen some sample budgets and what ballpark price range you are working with. If flowers aren’t that important then please don’t go pin that beautiful floral arrangement because those are expensive and don’t match wth your priorities. If a donut wall though is what you are wanting then go right ahead and pin that delicious photo.


Steps To Use Pinterest To Design Your Wedding:

Pick a wedding style:

It’s a broad subject matter but you more than likely gravitate to a specific style. Think rustic barn wedding, modern bright spaces, vibrant colours, flower oasis, tropical theme? Or maybe classic elegance. Any style you want. It’s your day. You get to pick the theme that you love the most, assuming your partner loves it equally.

Search that theme:

let’s say you picked rustic barn chic. Put that into Pinterest and see what comes up. This is a bit of a rabbit hole you will fall into but that’s ok. It’s a chance for you to explore all the potential options available. Pin your favourites to your own personal wedding board.

Check out the related pins:

in your wedding board where you have saved all your favourite wedding ideas and wants click one of the images. Pinterest will then show you all the related pins below. Which means you may find more images from that wedding that gives you more ideas that match your theme perfectly. It’s a great way to get inspired on the possibilities you might want to incorporate.

Search for Specifics:

So now you’ve got a pretty good idea on the style, decor and ideas that you want to incorporate into your wedding let’s determine the specifics. I’ve created a free printable that shows you what to search for and a place for you to write down what you plan to do for each detail of your wedding. I call it the Wedding Inspiration Board Planner. By the end of this planner you will know what your wedding is going to look like and make it easy for you to really dig in.

Pinterest can be a bit of a rabbit hole when it comes to wedding planning. You can disappear into hours of searching and come out more confused than when you went in. BUT when you know how to use it like a wedding professional to plan your wedding then it is easy!! You’ll be patting yourself on the back with how good and efficient your planning process has been. There isn’t any stressed out overwhelmed bride over here. Lol. But seriously! You got this!

If you need some help leave a comment below!

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3 Comments on How To Use Pinterest To Design Your Wedding

  1. Lindsey
    June 6, 2019 at 6:17 pm (8 months ago)

    best advice for decorating a backyard tent wedding to make it look more like a venue?!? Trying to plan a backyard wedding & Pinterest is my holy grail planning help!!!

    • edmontonwedding
      June 11, 2019 at 3:07 pm (8 months ago)

      Hi Lindsay!
      So fun!! You got me so excited so I started creating a Pinterest Board for you to look at… But a few things I would decorate with would be
      1. Use fabric – I would use fabric to hide the poles, also use some to drape the entrance so it’s more of a grand entrance look and potentially on the ceiling of the tent.
      2. Lights – Use string Lights to decorate the ceiling ot the tent. It will give it that really pretty glow when it gets dark. I would also consider renting LED lights to put just on the pillars. That way when it gets dark you can use colour to uplight the roof of the tent.
      3. Lanterns – I love the idea of using lanterns hanging from any trees around the tent. That way you are creating some fun beautiful spaces outside the tent. Or one photo I saw on Pinterest was lanterns used to create a walkway to the entrance.
      4. Layout – Think about how a venue is laid out for a wedding. Have an entrance with a guest book and seating chart, then the guest tables, dance floor in the middle with the head table the back wall.
      There are so many ideas so check out the Pinterest Board I made just for you lol. It has a bunch of good ones you might love!


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