Host Events To Boost Your Business

As a business owner I know what it is like to constantly be on the content rollercoaster trying to grow your business, get in front of your target audience and then repeating it over and over again. So today I am still talking about events, but I want to introduce you to a new way to boost your business by creating an event that intrigues your customers, brings them to you and allows you to get in front of them in person by helping them.

Boost Your Business With Events

I know your thinking, how am I going to add another thing onto my plate? And one that requires me to plan, budget and then leave my office to host an event??

BUT, think of it this way. You are doing something different from your regular routine, and they say when you bust out of your regular cycle to open doors for new opportunities and beginnings. So listen up, because I am going to share with you in this post WHY you need to host events to boost your business.

THEN when you are excited about growing your business with events you can download my FREE Guide on How To Host Events To Boost Your Business! In this guide I share with you all the events you could potentially host, why you would pick that style of event and tips for a successful event. PLUS at the end I have some worksheets to get your brain thinking about your next event and ways to make it incredible for you and your clients.

Boost Your Business With Events

Not only will creating an event allow you to get in front of your ideal customers but it will allow you to slow down on your content creation. Yes truly! I’ll start by saying hosting an event will give you plenty of content before promoting it, during with stories and after with images from the event. YES!! TRULY A WIN WIN! So take a breath and know your business is going to thrive with event planning. And I am here to help you!


  • Break up your daily routine. Creating an event will get your juices flowing, get your excited for the potential and get you out of that box and creating something with purpose.
  • Host an event gets you in front of your target market as the expert in your field.
  • Yep I said EXPERT! You already know you are the expect but your audience needs to see you as the expert and hosting an event definitely sets you up as THE EXPERT. Take a bow my friend you are a boss!
  • Customers are looking for opportunities to get out and meet you. Think about all the people that attend bridal shows? Or all the workshops that have been popping up lately and selling out. Customers want to meet you in person, ask their questions and feel heard.
  • Events offer your customers a chance to meet with you, fall in love with your brand and business. They will then book you themselves and sing your praises to their friends who will then want to work with you too!
  • There is potential to add them to your sales funnel! Maybe they don’t book you immediately at your event but they follow you on social media, join your mailing list and when they are ready sign up for whatever you are offering. The potential is real!
  • You have the chance to continue the conversation after the event! I would highly recommend some sort of an opt in for guests to keep the conversation going after the event. Maybe it’s a private Facebook group, some sort of fun take away or just a one on one call after the event.

Everything I listed here are basically hidden gems you have been avoiding because your scared to put yourself out there, or it’s too much work, or whatever other excuse you can think of. And if your still on the fence then pop right back to the top and read it again!




Yep I am that serious. Events are such a positive way to connect and I am here to help you plan it!


  1. Download the Host Events To Boost Your Business & Book Clients
  2. Join our newly created and exclusive Facebook Community Event Plan Your Empire to check in with me weekly, ask questions and get a little extra help deciding which event is for you!


Now the fun and planning begins! I cannot wait to hear about what you have planned, help you if you have any questions and hear about what A HUGE SUCCESS your event was! Big plans for you my friends! Let’s do this together!

xo Jen

Boost Your Business With Events

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